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When medical technologists mind the Paps...and we've only just begun!
The transportation commission then shifted course, saying it would instead rename the 10-mile stretch Randy Pap Beltline, spend just $1,500 upfront to replace one sign at each end of the freeway, and replace the rest of the signs as they wore out.
Women in each of the cytology groups were randomly assigned to one of three treatment groups: immediate colposcopy, Pap smear follow-up every 6 months with colposcopy if any repeat smear suggested a more worrisome cytology result; or triage based on HPV results.
"This shows that we would have missed the other half of the abnormal Pap smears if we had only looked at the people with the STDs," Dr.
It says it has written to the NLC directly and made demands through their advocates, asking for the release of the compensation funds due and payable to the PAPs. The NLC continues to withhold a substantial part of the sum, it says.
If you are a woman who has had a vaginoplasty, you should also have a Pap, or the less common "cuff" or "vault smear."
CT angiography which can precisely identify the extent of a PAP and its related mass is employed by most institutions for PAP diagnosis.12 PAPs typically appear as enhanced round lung masses isodense to the central pulmonary artery.
PAPs completed logs after each activity session and returned the logs to M-SPAN monthly.
Mary-Ann Shafer's statement that "dysplastic changes usually don't appear for 10-30 years" ("Pro & Con: Should sexually active teenage girls have yearly Pap smears?" Aug.
Mary-Ann Shafer's statements that Pap smears are not necessary for sexually active teens ("Pro & Con: Should sexually active teenage girls have yearly Pap smears?" June 1, 2000, p.