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p-aminobenzoic acid

 (PAB) (PABA) [ah-me″no-ben-zo´ik]
a substance required for the synthesis of folic acid by many organisms; it is included in the B vitamin complex, although it is not an essential nutrient for humans. It is synthesized by many bacteria; sulfonamides act by blocking its synthesis; it also absorbs ultraviolet light, specifically UVB rays, and is used as aminobenzoic acid as a topical sunscreen.
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He called upon the PAB to establish close coordination with Bait-ul-Maal and assured them every possible support of their future endeavors besides ensuring proper implementation of their quota.
The PAB would be tasked with performing its own investigation into complaints of misconduct, whether the complaint is forwarded by PSS, a member of City Council, the mayor or given directly to the board by a complainant.
'Now that Halal is now under the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), they created a section to monitor the certifiers which is the PAB,' she added.
While that body has many of the same attributes of the PAB, including the ability to subpoena the police department, it does not have the ability to compel discipline.
DENR Undersecretary Rodolfo Garcia, PAB's presiding officer, said penalty notices had already been sent to the business owners, who are under obligation to pay the fines.
Dr Batagoda's letter to the PAB also documents how interference and lobbying takes place.
Proponents contend that PBRA will catalyze the use of P3s in public buildings just as PABs have for transportation.
Under the project, $88,220 will be provided to the PAB. The amount covers the cost of four Braille displays and four Braille printer sets, including Braille papers, software and repair kits.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of PCR tests targeting two different DNA sequences – insertion sequence 6110 (IS6110) and protein antigen b (Pab), in the same set of clinical samples from osteoarticular TB cases, and to evaluate if the sensitivity of the assay is improved.
PAB Coventry bought a second laser cutting machine with the support of a PS390,000 funding package from Lloyds Bank.
Career moves: Making the jump to PAB is both an adventure and a return to the familiar, as she will be working under Corella again.
Thirty-nine patients with a rTSA and either a posterior (PAB) or superior (SAB) augment baseplate (Figs.