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After the slaughter of the offspring, in the corresponding stage (P0 and P14), the body weight of each offspring was evaluated, the chest was dissected, lung was extracted, then fixed and stored in bouin solution for 3 days.
At P14, most MLCs have a ramified shape, characterized by long branching processes and a small cellular body (Figure 1, E3) and indicative of the quiescent form of MLCs.
Abundant Lopsin was also detected in P14 rd11 mice; however, the Sopsin-positive outer segments became shorter in the dorsal retina, which matched the punctuate S-opsin-positive fluorescence in the retinal whole mount.
@DP_Walsh McLeish record - Birmingham after 14 games last season: P14 W3 D7 L4.
M2 PHARMA-September 30, 2011-Tecan expects delay in shipments under P14 project(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
During this timeframe, ABB was commissioned to perform the complete engineering, procurement, integration testing and installation of its Procontrol P14 distributed control system for the steam generator, it added.
Instruments featured in this catalog include the H14 Macro IRHD hardness tester, bench hardness testers, the H12 Micro IRHD hardness tester, test blocks and sample tables, the H17 durometer scale hardness tester, pocket durometer accessories, H15/H16 pocket durometers, the P14 rapid plastimeter, the O14 aging chamber, the P2 Williams plastimeter, the L15 Gehman tester, the D15 moving die rheometer, the V15 Mooney viscometer, the O7E multi-cell aging oven, the C11 compression stress relaxometer, the S4 bench thickness gauge, and more.
Further details can be found on p14 or on our website (see below).
This versatile model will properly fit all single stack 1911 models with barrel lengths of 4 1/4" - 5", Para Ordnance P14, Springfield 1911A1 Hi-Cap, STI/SVI pistols, Browning Hi Power, CZ 75, EAA Witness, and S&W 4506.
8990 to launch P14.5 B projects !-- -- Catherine Talavera (The Philippine Star) - August 23, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Mass housing developer 8990 Holdings Inc.