Proteus vulgaris

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Pro·te·us vul·ga·r'is

the type species of the bacterial genus Proteus, found in putrefying materials and in abscesses; it is pathogenic for fish, dogs, guinea pigs, and mice; certain strains, the X strains of Weil and Felix, are agglutinated by typhus serum and are therefore of great importance in the diagnosis of typhus; strain X-19 is strongly agglutinated.
See also: Weil-Felix reaction.

Proteus vulgaris

Microbiology A pathogen linked to UTIs and wound infections Habitat P mirabilis is found in water, soil, and feces

Pro·te·us vul·ga·ris

(prō'tē-ŭs vŭl-gā'ris)
The type species of the genus Proteus, found in putrefying matter; associated with a wide variety of nosocomial infections of the respiratory and urinary tracts and other sterile sites and also with decubitus ulcers and abscesses.
See also: Weil-Felix reaction