Proteus mirabilis

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Pro·te·us mi·ra·b'i·lis

a bacterial species found in putrid meat, infusions, and abscesses; a cause of urinary tract infections associated with formation of renal and bladder calculi.

Proteus mirabilis

Microbiology A gram-negative pathogen linked to UTIs, wound infections Habitat P mirabilis may be found in water,
soil, feces

Pro·te·us mi·ra·bi·lis

(prō'tē-ŭs mi-rab'i-lis)
A bacterial species widely recognized as a human pathogen commonly recovered from urinary, wound, and bacteremic infections. Recognized in the laboratory by its characteristic "swarming"colony morphology on blood agar.
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Molinari et al., (1992) showed that the sub-MICs of azithromycin prevent motility of P.mirabilis and this inhibition is due to the absence of flagella and (Sato et al., 2000) recorded that the (erythromycin, clarithromycin, azithromycin) have inhibitory effect on motility of P mirabilis.
29 5(17.24) 13(44.83) 3 P.mirabilis 19 2(10.53) 7(36.84) 4 Kleb.