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P fac·tor

see P blood group, in Blood Groups Appendix.
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Throw in the torque, slipstream effect and P-factor of propeller-driven airplanes and it's easy to see how slow flight can require most of the rudder authority available to keep the nose pointed in the desired direction.
The P-factor came into the picture when Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar hosted a dinner party on December 6 at his house in Delhi with Pakistan's ex-Foreign Minister Khushid Mahmud Kasuri being present on the occasion.
Also it was shown [11, 25, 26] that the development of collectivity and deformation in medium and heavy nuclei is very smoothly parameterized by the p-factor defined as
The degree of uncertainty is accessed by P-factor which is percentage of data covered by 95PPU which is calculated at 2.5% and 97.5% of the output Variable.
We also added power to go flying again because of the bolter, which would require right rudder because of the p-factor of the propellers.
It's stylish, modern lines ensures it has stacks of the P-factor.
In this context, however, since the P-factor is fundamental--pervasive in defining a social order--we need to recognize the parsimony and the power of the master variables.
C and P were estimated using the C-factor and P-factor subprograms in RUSLE from reconstructed management histories for the last 30 years.
This P-factor, selected for any given route with its recorded traffic, together with the number of circuits and the chosen traffic-dimensioning formula, will determine the grade of service over that particular route.
Adding power to the equation increases deck angle and introduces torque and P-factor. Maintaining coordinated flight becomes more important, and the stall break itself usually is more enthusiastic.
It pulled and rolled to the left because of the huge p-factor generated by the power addition.