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P fac·tor

see P blood group, in Blood Groups Appendix.
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The P-factor came into the picture when Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar hosted a dinner party on December 6 at his house in Delhi with Pakistan's ex-Foreign Minister Khushid Mahmud Kasuri being present on the occasion.
The degree of uncertainty is accessed by P-factor which is percentage of data covered by 95PPU which is calculated at 2.
The combined effects of torque and P-factor will work against you even harder when the airplane naturally wants to turn in that direction in the first place.
It's stylish, modern lines ensures it has stacks of the P-factor.
It pulled and rolled to the left because of the huge p-factor generated by the power addition.
In this context, however, since the P-factor is fundamental--pervasive in defining a social order--we need to recognize the parsimony and the power of the master variables.
C and P were estimated using the C-factor and P-factor subprograms in RUSLE from reconstructed management histories for the last 30 years.
This P-factor, selected for any given route with its recorded traffic, together with the number of circuits and the chosen traffic-dimensioning formula, will determine the grade of service over that particular route.