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ox·y·gen 18 (18O),

A stable oxygen isotope making up 0.20% of natural oxygen; used in mass spectrometry and in NMR studies of tissue.
Synonym(s): heavy oxygen
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Yet all these estimates are based on the principle that the oxygen-18 content of the foraminifera tests remained constant while the fossils were lodged in the sediment.
Launching an oxygen-18 isotope producing unit was carried out while Iran and P5+1 are negotiating a new round of nuclear talks in Vienna, mostly focused on Arak nuclear site which capable to produce platinum usable for making nuclear weapon.
The chamber is evacuated and back-filled with a (3:1) mixture of oxygen-18 gas and nitrogen.
Scientists measure the amounts of two isotopes of oxygen in the shells, oxygen-16 and oxygen-18.
A conventional proxy for temperature is the ratio of the heavy isotope of oxygen, Oxygen-18, to the most common form, Oxygen-16.
1994, Deuterium and Oxygen-18 in precipitation: Isotopic model, including mixed cloud processes, Journal of Geophysical Research, 99 (D8), 16793-16803.
One new method is the doubly labeled water technique, a form of indirect calorimetry based on the elimination of deuterium and oxygen-18 from urine.
Oxygen-18 was measured similarly, by equilibrating the water isotopically with C[O.
These biases arise from memory effects in ion sources and affect the reliability and comparability of carbon-13 and oxygen-18 measurements used in studies requiring high interlaboratory reproducibility, including research relevant to climate change.
The organisms formed their carbonate shells with an oxygen-18 to oxygen-16 ratio that was at or near equilibrium with the ratio in the lake water," Brenner explains.
Simple procedure for the conversion of orthophosphate or water to carbon dioxide for oxygen-18 determination.
And there's enough oxygen-18 in the body to supply all the gold The Goose produces.