Oxygen Bar

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An establishment or part of one—e.g., a night club, spa, health club, tanning salon, bar, airport restaurant, ski chalet, yoga studio, chiropractor, etc.—that sells ‘recreational oxygen’ at levels above the normal atmospheric 21%, usually in the 30% to 40% range—which is regarded as too low a concentration to cause oxygen toxicity—delivered via a nasal cannula
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"Oxygen Bar, or Oxygen therapy, can be used by hotel guests for 20 minutes, during which they can inhale 95 per cent oxygen.
(OTC: VATE) has entered into an acquisition agreement with US-based mobile oxygen bar operator 02 Breathe, LLC, the company said.
The spa now includes a new relaxation area, Oxygen Bar, locker room for treatment guests and a locker room for health club members, in addition to seven treatment rooms.
With a few of us nursing sore heads the next day, we decided to call in at Breathe, an oxygen bar in the Venetian shopping centre.
You can work everything off in the Oxygen bar and nightclub, where the nightly show includes the Club Med song and dance that is performed at every one of the chain's resorts.
"Yoga is renowned for improving the mind and body through its focus on stretching and breathing -- perfect for some pre-flight fitness."The pilot yoga studio builds on SkyTeam's existing relaxing facilities at Heathrow, which include a wellness centre offering a wide range of complimentary spa treatments, an oxygen bar for a pre-departure energy boost and massage chairs.
Similarly, Interstate offered an oxygen bar, complete with aromatic "flavored oxygen," to refresh attendees.
The 3500 sqft /350 sqm lounge seats up to 90 passengers and offers a range of services including a business center with printers, free WiFi, a relaxation zone with an oxygen bar, a bar, a buffet offering a selection of western and eastern cuisine, over 70 electric power sockets, and a reading area.
Lyndsey added: "We have Human Zorbing, a photo booth, an Oxygen Bar and face and body painting as well as a fun fair.
And there was even an oxygen bar - supplying the gas in four flavours - to revive the spirits of anyone who might have lost the festival mood.
According to the younger members of our group, who continued partying at the Bacardi Bar and the Oxygen Bar, our pounds 26 winnings went a long way in rounds of beer and cocktails.