A photosensitising psoralen that is given systemically or topically before the skin is exposed to UV light, as part of treatment for psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and some cases of cutaneous lymphoma.
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Methoxsalen, see there.
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Cases Sex Age Why the treatment (year-old) of PUVA was given 1(2) Female 45 Vitiligo 2(3) Male 50 Psoriasis 3(4) Male 80 Psoriasis 4(5) Female 57 Mycosis fungoides 5(6) Female 65 Psoriasis 6(7) Female 67 Psoriasis 7(8) Male 58 Psoriasis 8(9) Male 61 Psoriasis 9 (present Female 26 Mycosis fungoides case) Cases Type of UVA 1(2) Topical PUVASOL 2(3) Oral PUVA (methoxsalen) 3(4) Oral PUVA (5-MOP) 4(5) Oral PUVA (8-MOP) 5(6) Oral PUVA (8-MOP) 6(7) UVA 7(8) PUVA (unspecified) 8(9) Oral PUVA (oxsoralen) 9 (present Oral PUVA (8-MOP) case)
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The combination of UVA and Oxsoralen normalizes the patient's T-cell phenotype balance.