a trademark for a pigmentation agent (methoxsalen).


A photosensitising psoralen that is given systemically or topically before the skin is exposed to UV light, as part of treatment for psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and some cases of cutaneous lymphoma.


Methoxsalen, see there.
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The combination of UVA and Oxsoralen normalizes the patient's T-cell phenotype balance.
Pharmacists may also argue that they are not at fault because the prescribed drug was a "look-alike, sound-alike" drug, and it was not negligence to mistake it for the prescribed drug (for example, if Oxsoralen was used to fill a prescription for Oxacholin) A pharmacy expert can testify that some pharmacies either break up the alphabetical shelving of drugs with similar names to lower the odds of picking up the wrong bottle or use special precaution labels for seldom-dispensed drugs or drugs that are of unusual doses.
Since last year, Valeant has experienced a shortage of Oxsoralen products due to an unanticipated change in the supplier of the product's active ingredient.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- JSJ Pharmaceuticals today announced a multi-year agreement under which it has assumed from Valeant Pharmaceuticals International the sales, marketing, and educational responsibilities for Oxsoralen-Ultra(R) (Methoxsalen capsules, USP, 10mg), 8-MOP(R) Capsules (Methoxsalen capsules, USP 10mg), and Oxsoralen Lotion 1% (Methoxsalen, USP, 1%).
The increase in North America was significantly impacted by increased sales of Efudex, Oxsoralen and Cesamet, as well as sales from acquired products.
Sales of the gastro-intestinal drug Librax, hormone replacement therapy, and Oxsoralen pigmentation agent also contributed to revenue growth in North America.