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the chemical reaction whereby electrons are removed (oxidation) from atoms of the substance being oxidized and transferred to those being reduced (reduction).


Contraction of oxidation-reduction. See: oxidation-reduction potential.


/re·dox/ (re´doks) oxidation-reduction.


an abbreviation for reduction-oxidation (reaction). See oxidation-reduction reaction.


Contraction of reduction-oxidation.


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Figure 5, the oxidation reactions that consume hydrocarbons to produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide are increasingly active at higher maximum cylinder temperatures.
3 The basic process can be described thermodynamically as follows: For an oxidation reaction,
The graphs between time of oxidation and amount of formic acid released during periodate oxidation reaction indicates that the on increasing the time of oxidationfrom 10 to 50 hrs, the amount of released formic acid increases from 0.
The CL signal monitors the ongoing oxidation reactions very sensitively and selectively.
The speed of the oxidation reaction depends on oxygen diffusion in the cutting front, which changes with time.
The oxidation reactions were performed in a high-pressure stainless steel reactor with a capacity of 300 ml, equipped with gas delivery system and sampling lines.
At temperatures below 500[degrees]F (260[degrees]C), most of the oxygen was utilized in hydrogen and hydrocarbon oxidation reactions rather than in carbon atom oxidation to carbon oxides.
Today's pump shafts are generally "sealed" with a nitrogen blanket that will prevent this oxide formation, but when this system is out of order, this exothermal oxidation reaction can be expected.
After preheating to the desired temperature, pure oxygen was introduced into the vessel up to the desired oxygen partial pressure and this was fixed as the starting point of the oxidation reaction.
The rusting of metal, which gives Mars its reddish color, is one example of an oxidation reaction.
Some of the oxidation reaction products have vapor pressures low enough to lead to increased particle formation via molecular condensation (Ziemann 2002).

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