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The fundamental ring system of pyranoses.
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Coffees of superior quality are those that have chemical compounds responsible for the flavor and aroma such as caffeine, trigonelline, aldehydes, furans, ketones, sugars, proteins, amino acids, pyrroles, pyridines, pyrazines, oxazoles, carboxylic acids, fatty acids, and phenolic compounds in an equilibrated proportion to obtain good body, acidity, and smoothness of the beverage.
The [alpha]-bromination of carbonyl compounds is an important reaction in organic synthesis since the resulting [alpha]-bromo compoundsserve as important precursors in the synthesis of variety of molecules, including biologically active compounds.[1-2]Phenacyl bromides are of particular important molecules because they are widely used as precursors of various pharmaceutically important heteroaromatics such as imidazoles, selenazoles, and oxazoles.[3-4]
K., Synthesis, antibacterial activity of 2, 4-disubstituted oxazoles and thiazoles as bioisosteres.
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This eventually produces many important classes of flavour compounds including furans, pyrazines, pyrroles, oxazoles, thiophenes, thiazoles and other heterocyclic compounds (Figure 5; Melton, 1999).
En otro trabajo, Shapiro (1992) evaluo 23 abrillantadores pertenecientes a diferentes grupos quimicos (estilbenos, oxazoles, pirazoles y acido natalico), encontrando que la mejor proteccion se consiguio con los estilbenos: Leucophor BSB, Phorwithe AR, Intrawite CF, Leucophor BS, Phorwite BRU, Phorwite BKL, Phorwite CL, y Tinopal LPW, los cuales a una concentracion del 1% proporcionaron una proteccion total, con un porcentaje de actividad original remanente del 100%.
-- The anion pi-radicals of four structurally-related 2-substituted fused-ring oxazoles have been electrochemically generated at a platinum electrode in an aprotic solvent.
Compound 1 may derive from naturally occurring oxazoles reported by various research groups from different parts of A.