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The idea that extensive glaciation to the north and northeast of Lake Titicaca may have been an important cause of vicariance (Vuilleumier, 1971) is suggested by the distribution of several members of the Oxalis tuberosa alliance that are found either in southern Peru or in northwestern Bolivia but not in both of these areas.
Endemism in the Oxalis tuberosa alliance can be analyzed at several different scales.
The situation in the Oxalis tuberosa alliance can be compared with that described in the Solanum brevicaule complex (van den Berg et al.
Oxalis tuberosa is an important food source among traditional agriculturists in the Central Andes, one whose overall production is probably underestimated because it is usually grown for subsistence rather than for market, and its recent popularity in New Zealand may indicate its potential use in other areas of the world (National Research Council, 1989).
Table I Provisional list of endemic species in the Oxalis tuberosa alliance Endemic species (a) Country: department(s) O.
Chromosome number of the Oxalis tuberosa alliance (Oxalidaceae).