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The fundamental ring system of pyranoses.
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Sharma, Synthesis and biocidal activity of some substituted oxadiazoles, thiadiazoles and triazoles, Indian J.
The electron-deficient oxadiazole moiety has been used in the molecule design of organic optoelectronic materials to improve the electron mobility [5], Incorporating oxadiazole-containing organic materials in the electroluminescence devices constituted of multilayered organic thin films can greatly improve the overall device efficiency by making the balance of charge mobility in the active organic components [6, 7], Low molecular weight oxadiazole materials have only a short lifetime, possibly as a result of crystallization or aggregation effects.
the incorporation of oxadiazole together with fluorene and a flexible diarylsilyl group into the same polymer chain, minimizes the trade-off between the processability and high-performance properties of wholly aromatic polyoxadiazoles.
The light-emitting ability of polymers I containing oxadiazole rings and of polymers II containing oxadiazole and fluorene chromophores was assessed on the basis of PL spectra recorded for polymer films cast from NMP solutions (polymers I) and THF solutions (copolymers II), after irradiation with UV light.
By exciting at their maxima absorption wavelength (~330 nm for la and Ha and ~300 nm for Ib,c and IIb,c), all the polymers displayed blue-light emission with strong maxima of PL centered between 420 and 458 nm, which are determined by the presence of both oxadiazole and fluorene chromophores.
Ag/AgCl) can be attributed to the reduction of oxadiazole rings of polymers Ia, Ib, and Ic, respectively, whereas the cathodic peaks at -1.
In the FTIR spectrum of compound C (-l), absorption peaks at 1520 and 1340 cm (-1) are due to the asymmetric and symmetric stretching vibrations of nitro groups, and weak bands located at 1553 and 956 cm (-1) correspond to the stretching vibration of C=N and C--O--C in oxadiazole ring, respectively (35).