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Paul A., 20th-century Norwegian hematologist. See: Owren disease.
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But it's not clear how that's working," Owren added.
Bachorowski and Owren (2001) played recordings of laughter and had participants rate them on a number of scales, including their interest in meeting the person laughing, their likelihood to include the laugh on a laugh track, their affective responses to the laughs, their belief in the laugher's friendliness, and their belief that the person laughing is sexy.
Dr Michael Owren, of Cornell University in New York State, said his research found laughter is an evolved non-conscious strategy which can get you ahead in the social stakes.
Owren, Sleipner Vest C[O.sub.2] Disposal, C[O.sub.2] Injection into a Shallow Underground Aquifer, vol.
For measuring PT, both Owren and Quick methods are used, the former influenced only by coagulation factors II, VII, and X, instead of the complete extrinsic and common pathways.
The new findings reiterate how the social environment influences the use of language in infancy, remarks psychologist Michael Owren of Cornell University.
KERSTI EKELAND, BRYNJULF OWREN, and EIVOR OINES The Norwegian University of Science and Technology
The method used at the hospital laboratory (Haraldsplass Deaconess Hospital, Bergen, Norway) was the STA R Evolution[R] (Diagnostica Stago) and the SPA+ reagent (Diagnostica Stago), which is a combined rabbit brain thromboplastin with adsorbed bovine plasma (Owren method) (17).
In contrast, Owren and Zennaro [1991; 1992] use continuous Runge-Kutta order conditions to study interpolants of order five.