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Richard, English anatomist, 1804-1892. See: Owen lines, contour lines of Owen, interglobular space of Owen.
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Owen followed him into the kitchen, where he found Mr Dorman, the farmer, and, seated at the table, fumbling with a pack of cards, an old woman, whom he remembered well.
'She means my bonus,' said Owen. 'But that's only ten pounds.
'Pots,' said the old woman, and she was still mumbling the encouraging word when Owen left the kitchen and returned to the sitting-room.
As Owen turned, he gave tongue in a voice like the discharge of a broadside.
Owen's mind, wrenched too suddenly from the dreamy future to the vivid present, was not yet completely under control.
Audrey was out of town when Owen arrived in London, but she returned a week later.
But we must return to Owen Warland's shop, and spend more meditation upon his history and character than either Peter Hovenden, or probably his daughter Annie, or Owen's old school-fellow, Robert Danforth, would have thought due to so slight a subject.
Owen's apprehension of the professional mysteries, it is true, was inconceivably quick; but he altogether forgot or despised the grand object of a watchmaker's business, and cared no more for the measurement of time than if it had been merged into eternity.
After the old watchmaker and his pretty daughter had gazed at him out of the obscurity of the street, Owen Warland was seized with a fluttering of the nerves, which made his hand tremble too violently to proceed with such delicate labor as he was now engaged upon.
Owen examined the article and pronounced it fashioned according to his wish.
"Why, yes," said Robert Danforth, his strong voice filling the shop as with the sound of a bass viol, "I consider myself equal to anything in the way of my own trade; though I should have made but a poor figure at yours with such a fist as this," added he, laughing, as he laid his vast hand beside the delicate one of Owen. "But what then?
"Very probably," answered the low and slender voice of Owen. "Strength is an earthly monster.