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Doses of Emergency Contraception Oral First Second Dose Contraceptive Dose (12 hours later) Ovral 2 tablets 2 tablets LoOvral 4 tablets 4 tablets Levlen 4 tablets 4 tablets Triphasil 4 tablets 4 tablets Tri-Levlen 4 tablets 4 tablets Necon 1/35 4 tablets 4 tablets Alesse 5 tablets 5 tablets Levlite 5 tablets 5 tablets Source: Dr.
The brand marketed as Ovral in the United States and Canada, for example, contains 50 mcg of ethinyl estradiol and 0.25 mg of levonorgestrel per tablet; therefore, four Ovral tablets (the dosage Yuzpe and his colleagues used after their original pilot study) constitute the complete regimen.
(*.) The most common brand of oral contraceptive used for emergency contraception in the United States is Ovral. Lo/Ovral, Nordette, Levlen, and the yellow tablets of Triphasil and Tri-Levlen also may be used in the Yuzpe regimen, but since they contain a lower dosage of hormones, eight tablets are required in total, See: reference 1.
Myers told the eight Catholic hospitals in his diocese that the two drugs, Estinyl and Ovral, could no longer be used because, he said, they have potential abortifacient capabilities.