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A glycoprotein (about 78 kDa) containing d-mannose and d-galactose, constituting about 12% of total solids of egg white; it will bind iron ions.
Synonym(s): ovotransferrin
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Additionally, several studies demonstrate the budding of bioactive peptides derived from egg white ovotransferrin in managing inflammation, hypertension, and oxidative stress in vivo and in vitro.
Due to the low heat stability of egg white proteins, especially ovotransferrin [2], maintaining the temperature of water and oil phases at <55[degrees]C was important for the successful emulsion preparation.
(1995) Crystal structure of diferric hen ovotransferrin at 2.4 A resolution.
Wu, Purification and characterisation of angiotensin I converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitory peptides derived from enzymatic hydrolysate of ovotransferrin, Food Chem., 126, 1614 (2011).
However in this sudy egg white proteins i-e ovalalbumin, ovotransferrin, serum albumin, ovomucoid were identified as allergens from SDS-PAGE having a molecular weight of 43, 78, 69 and 27 KDa.
Egg proteins have been proved to possess antioxidants, such as phosvitin which contains large amount of phosphoserines, ovotransferrin that can chelate with Fe +, and ovalbumin that can covalently bind to polysaccharide to enhance its antioxidant activity [28, 29].
[25] reported that Ovotransferrin (OTF) had function of scavenging [O.sub.2.sup.*-] when it combined with Cu and Mn.
Transferrin is a member of the family which includes blood serotransferrin (or siderophilin, usually simply called transferrin), lactotransferrin (lactoferrin), milk transferrin, egg white ovotransferrin (conalbumin), and membrane-associated melanotransferrin [3, 4].
Yumurta beyazinda bulunan bes major protein daha sik alerjiye neden olur: ovomukoid (Gad d 1), ovalbumin (Gad d 2), ovotransferrin (Gad d 3), lizozim (Gad d 4) ve ovomusin (2).
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Ovotransferrin (OTf; conalbumin) belongs to the family of transferrins.