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A glycoprotein (about 78 kDa) containing d-mannose and d-galactose, constituting about 12% of total solids of egg white; it will bind iron ions.
Synonym(s): ovotransferrin
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2006), including several abundant proteins such as ovalbumin (Hincke, 1995), ovotransferrin (Gautron et al.
Eggs are a gastronomic enigma because the ovotransferrin and ovalbumin proteins in the white begin to coagulate or solidify at around 142 and 184 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively.
A study in 2000 explored the structural changes, such as cross linking, induced in ovalbumin, ovomucoid, and ovotransferrin by the effect of oxygen radicals generated by gamma radiation.
It is member of a family of homologous transport proteins that includes lactoferrin, ovotransferrin, and melanotransferrin.
Some specific topics covered include neutrophil apoptosis and innate immunity, glial regulation of beta-amyloid deposition and neurodegeneration in Alzheimer's disease, and the role of avian acute phase protein ovotransferrin in modulating phagocyte function.
Ovotransferrin is a monomeric glycoprotein, belonging to the transferrin family, a group of iron-binding proteins.
Although HEW is a complex mixture of more than 20 proteins, the specific IgE antibodies in sera from both HEW-allergic patients and rats orally sensitized to HEW proteins recognized the same proteins (mainly ovotransferrin, OVA, ovomucoid, and to a lesser extent lysozyme), all claimed to be the major allergens for HEW-allergic humans (Ebbehoj et al.
A previously little-understood iron-binding protein, ovotransferrin (OTF), is abundant in poultry blood and eggs.
Ovotransferrin expression and release by chicken cell lines infected with Marek's disease virus.
Comparative study of the primary structure of sero-, lacto- and ovotransferrin glycans from different species.
There were almost no changes in the mobility of N- and DH-EWP components, whereas glycation with MP increased the mobility of ovotransferrin (OTf) and decreased the mobility of OVA.
ABSTRACT : Ovotransferrin (OTf) was phosphorylated by dry-heating in the presence of pyrophosphate at pH 4.