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Charles E., German biologist in Sweden, 1865-1933. See: Meyer-Overton rule, Meyer-Overton theory of narcosis.
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Overton was evidently considerably excited when he sent it, and somewhat incoherent in consequence.
Overton whoever he might be, since he had come with his enigmatic message to break that dangerous calm which brought more peril to my friend than all the storms of his tempestuous life.
Cyril Overton, Trinity College, Cambridge, announced the arrival of an enormous young man, sixteen stone of solid bone and muscle, who spanned the doorway with his broad shoulders, and looked from one of us to the other with a comely face which was haggard with anxiety.
"I suppose, then, if you have never heard of Godfrey Staunton, you don't know Cyril Overton either?"
"Then our friend Overton's forebodings have been justified," said Holmes.
Young Overton's face assumed the bothered look of the man who is more accustomed to using his muscles than his wits, but by degrees, with many repetitions and obscurities which I may omit from his narrative, he laid his strange story before us.
Overton, to go through these papers which have been left upon the table."
We had shaken off Lord Mount-James, and Overton had gone to consult with the other members of his team over the misfortune which had befallen them.
I have wired to Overton to let us know any fresh London developments at this address, and in the meantime we can only concentrate our attention upon Dr.
It is from our friend Overton, and is in answer to a question from me.
Will Overton's berry field lay beside the road and there was a pile of boards.
Two moving-image works by Reus and Overton echoed this comparison, leavening Martini's austerity with wit.