Overhead Sport

Any sport—baseball, cricket, handball, jai alai, javelin throwing, tennis, volleyball, etc.—in which the upper arm and shoulder arc over the athlete’s head to propel a ball at the opposing team. Overhead sport injuries can be multifactorial in nature, and can cause range of motion deficits, muscular imbalances, and scapular dyskinesis, for which the best prevention is constant, but not excessive, training
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Many studies have reported similar findings in overhead sport players (6, 16-20).
Different overhead sports show different characteristics, but have similar movement patterns.
This condition is also highly prevalent in other throwing and overhead sports such as baseball (Amin et al., 2015).
Therefore, other factors might be involved in the mechanism causing rotator cuff tear in young overhead sports athletes.
Secondly, the ISP muscle atrophy occurs commonly in overhead sports athletes [19].
To prevent increasing the cuff tear size and return to the sports early with no complaint, surgery should be considered as an effective option for treating rotator cufftears in young overhead sports athletes.
[2] In addition, it has been found that athletes involved in overhead sports have a larger dominant arm than the non-dominant arm.
At 3 months, the patient may return to light sport, and at 5 months overhead sports are allowed.
Many young athletes engaged in overhead sports reach elite level at this age, and can result useful to diagnose the presence of os acromiale to plan a correct therapeutic path.
Kuhn suggested that younger patients who have a Hill-Sachs deformity, and those who engage in contact or overhead sports, are most likely to benefit.
Shoulder pain is less common in golf than in overhead sports like tennis.
It is possible, with longer years of experience in unilateral overhead sports; throwing athletes create greater laxity and exhibit a trend toward further diminishing of proprioception acuity.