Overhead Athlete

An amateur or professional athlete who participates in an overhead sport and is thus at risk of traumatic or degenerative injuries to the shoulder girdle
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Despite injury severity, conservative management may be appropriate, even in a high-level overhead athlete.
The topics include diagnostic arthroscopy and loose body removal, plica synovialis of the elbow, arthroscopic radial head resection and open radial head replacement, arthroscopic and open treatment of the throwing elbow: the Docking technique, open medial ulnar collateral ligament repair, the rehabilitation of the overhead athlete's elbow, wrist arthroscopy: triangular fibrocartilage debridement and arthroscopically assisted ulnar shortening, the arthroscopic treatment of scapholunate instability and indications and techniques for the arthroscopic management of scapholunate injuries, and endoscopic carpal tunnel release: the Chow technique.
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Founder and medical director of the Lexington Clinic's Shoulder Centre of Kentucky Dr Ben Kibler, who spoke on 'Standardised Shoulder Examination in the Overhead Athlete' at the two-day gathering, said: "Many studies show that the current methods of injury classification or diagnosis are now proving to be ineffective, because the diagnosis of something like a labral or bicep tear, for example, doesn't actually tell you anything about the outcomes." Kibler discussed the notion that shoulder injuries can actually be caused by a problem occurring elsewhere in the bodies of throwing athletes such as tennis players, baseball pitchers and swimmers.
The final section deals with management of the overhead athlete, providing information on screening measures, pitch count guidelines, return-to-throwing progressions, microinstability in tennis players, and training modifications for swimmers.
The result of this study supports this hypothesis that the shoulder rotation range of motion of the dominant arm in overhead athlete is shifted toward a relatively more external rotation.
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We identified an OA with ultrasonography (Smith et al., 2008) in a young overhead athlete affected by impingement-like pain.
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