ambulatory surgery

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1. the branch of health science that treats diseases, injuries, and deformities by manual or operative methods.
2. the place where operative procedures are performed.
3. in Great Britain, a room or office where a doctor sees and treats patients.
4. the work performed by a surgeon; see also operation and procedure. adj., adj sur´gical.
ambulatory surgery any operative procedure not requiring an overnight stay in the hospital; it must be carefully planned to ensure that all necessary diagnostic tests are completed prior to admission. Discharge instructions must place a high priority on patient safety. Called also day surgery.
bench surgery surgery performed on an organ that has been removed from the body, after which it is reimplanted.
day surgery ambulatory surgery.
maxillofacial surgery oral and maxillofacial s.
minimal access surgery (minimally invasive surgery) a surgical procedure done in a manner that causes little or no trauma or injury to the patient, such as through a cannula using lasers, endoscopes, or laparoscopes; compared with other procedures, those in this category involve less bleeding, smaller amounts of anesthesia, less pain, and minimal scarring.
open heart surgery surgery that involves incision into one or more chambers of the heart, such as for repair or palliation of congenital heart defects, repair or replacement of defective heart valves, or coronary artery bypass.
oral and maxillofacial surgery that branch of dental practice that deals with the diagnosis and the surgical and adjunctive treatment of diseases, injuries, and defects of the human mouth and dental structures. Called also maxillofacial or oral surgery.
orthopedic surgery orthopedics.
plastic surgery see plastic surgery.
stereotaxic surgery the production of sharply localized lesions in the brain after precise localization of the target tissue by use of three-dimensional coordinates.

am·bu·la·to·ry sur·ger·y

operative procedures performed on patients who are admitted to and discharged from a hospital on the same day.

ambulatory surgery

Surgery performed on a person who is admitted to and discharged from a hospital on the same day.

ambulatory surgery

Outpatient surgery Medical practice Surgery performed on an outpatient basis in otherwise healthy and clinically stable persons in a facility which may be either free-standing or a suite inside the hospital Pros ↓ Cost; return to daily routine is faster; procedure is less invasive, less debilitating Cons Cost-control pressures, less invasive and more convenient care may ↑ utilization and costs; ↑ family costs and stress

am·bu·la·to·ry sur·gery

(am'byū-lă-tōr-ē sŭr'jĕr-ē)
Operative procedures performed on patients who are admitted to and discharged from a hospital on the same day.
See also: ambulatory care
Synonym(s): outpatient surgery, same-day surgery.

am·bu·la·to·ry sur·gery

(am'byū-lă-tōr-ē sŭr'jĕr-ē)
Operative procedures performed on patients admitted to and discharged from a hospital the same day.

ambulatory surgery,

n the surgical care provided to persons who do not require overnight nursing care.
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Because ASCs provide outpatient surgery at a lower cost per episode (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 2008; MedPAC 2013b), they have the potential to improve the efficiency of the delivery system insofar as they are able to reduce rates of hospital-based surgery without negatively impacting quality.
With the addition of the Outpatient Surgery Center, we will be better able to serve our community and bring them the leading service and exceptional experience they have grown to expect from WellStar.
Nationally, the number of outpatient surgery centers has been rising steadily in recent years, as well as the number of outpatient surgeries.
In statistical comparisons to similar outpatient surgery centers, we ranked higher than others on costs of supplies and procedure times for some of the most commonly performed surgeries.
This article examines benefits provided by health care plans for inpatient and outpatient surgery, and discusses the plans' incentives for encouraging outpatient surgery.
The Company is dedicated to clinical excellence in outpatient surgery and adds value to its surgical facilities by providing superior operations management.
Patients receiving outpatient surgery had a body mass index (BMI) less than or equal to 40 kg/m[sup.
9 million to buy out the physicians with whom it opened an outpatient surgery center 17 months ago.
This, in turn, has led to a proliferation of freestanding outpatient surgery centers that have peripheral associations with inpatient facilities.
Early studies indicated that switching from inpatient to outpatient surgery could save money.
18, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Although the rates of serious surgical site infections (SSIs) following outpatient surgery are low, the number of patients who develop these serious infections is substantial and warrants continued quality improvement efforts because outpatient surgery is so common, according to a new study published in the February 19 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association and funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

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