outpatient department

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outpatient department

As defined in the UK, a hospital department where healthcare professionals see outpatients, which consists of consulting rooms and support areas—e.g. nurses station, treatment rooms, waiting rooms. Outpatient departments are often physically located near support services (e.g. X-ray, ECG, surgical appliance department, pharmacy etc.).
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out·pa·tient de·part·ment

(OPD) (owt'pā-shĕnt dĕ-pahrt'mĕnt)
A hospital department/unit where nonurgent ambulatory medical care is provided.
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Firefighters were called to the Walton Centre on Sunday after a fire broke out in the main building's outpatient department. Pictured supplied by an ECHO reader
[8] Research shows that in most outpatient department of the teaching hospitals, patients experience longer waiting time to get examined or diverted to private health facilities due to overcrowding thereby reducing healthcare access to the public, and increasing operational cost to hospitals because of the associated inefficiencies.
KEY WORDS: Hospital, Outpatient Department, Satisfaction.
A 21-year-old woman sought treatment at the hospital outpatient department of "Emergency," an Italian nongovernmental organization (NGO) in Freetown, Sierra Leone in May 2004, reporting malaise and persisting dull abdominal pain, accompanied by isolated episodes of spiking fever.
The ulcer bad not been present on examination in the outpatient department 1 month postoperatively.
A significant number of reimbursements by Medicare to hospital outpatient department labs for additional hematology indices should not have been paid, according to a final audit report by the Office of Audit Services, the Department of Health and Human Services.
Polyclinics in many areas will be climinated, with ambulatory care provided in either the outpatient department of the hospital or the Primary Care Center (PHC).
* On average, beneficiaries can get an appointment with a doctor or with the outpatient department in about a week.
However, when examined by strata, in the Health Care of the Elderly stratum the day hospital service cost was 26% more per eligible patient than the domiciliary service, in the Stroke Unit stratum the domiciliary service was 2.6 times more expensive per patient than the outpatient department service, and in the General Medical stratum the cost per patient of the outpatient department service was 56% that of the domiciliary service.
These factors, combined with a feared loss of outpatient department business to competitors if the ventures were not undertaken, led the hospital to believe it would be better off by proceeding than by not doing so.
With enhanced capacity and high-tech equipment, as many as 5,000 patients would be treated daily at the Outpatient Department, said the ISPR.
ISLAMABAD -- The Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) has started providing medical assistance to pollen allergy patients in its emergency ward and outpatient department (OPD) of Pulmonology Department.

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