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Sexology The disclosure of a person’s homosexual orientation by others against the person's wishes
Vox populi An excursion in the open air or away from one’s home base
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1986 All-Ireland semi-final: Galway 4-12 Kilkenny 0-13 Next SHC outing? Galway LOST All-Ireland final to Cork by 4-13 to 2-15.
It also gives the reason for the outing as to "keep in touch with guys and share our stories (no ogling at girls)".
16--Golf Outing, Noble Hawk Golf Links, Kendallville, Ind.
Now we average 30-35% women at the outings. Our players tell us that the game encourages camaraderie, strengthens business relationships and provides a relaxing break from office routine."
White Hawk caters many small outings that attract between 48 and 80 players for small and growing businesses.
Instead, at least the first few times, try timing your outing for no more than, say, half an hour.
NORTHWEST PENNSYLVANIA July 31--Summer Golf Outing, Culbertson's Golf Club, Edinboro, Pa.
And perhaps that's why not one editor, reporter, or any of the usual crowd of gay conservatives and the like, as far as I can tell, criticized the outing of Ted Haggard as an "invasion of privacy." In 2006, particularly with regard to someone who'd railed (or, in the case of Foley, voted) against gays, they'd lost that argument.
raised $17,000 at their annual golf outing on May 4, 2006 at the Forsgate Country Club in Monroe Township, NJ.
Twin Cities Rubber Group, annual golf outing, Mississippi Dunes, Cottage Grove, MN, Karin Kingstad (karin.kingstad@lanxess.com)--August 2.
Moonamoe Reward is better class than today's rivals when fully wound up, but looked in need of her return outing and may be better still for this further spin under her belt.
Perfect weather, a great golf course and 53 enthusiastic golfers combined to make the Iowa NAMA golf outing at The Harvester a terrific event and a very successful fund-raiser for the student scholarship program.