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Non-penetrative sexual activity and mutual masturbation
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(7) See her autobiography, Outercourse, for an account of Daly's upbringing in a working-class Irish Catholic household in New York State, and ongoing struggles with Catholic education systems; and Janice Raymond's 'Mary Daly: a decade of academic harassment and feminist survival' for an early depiction of Daly's struggles with Boston College.
I'm in the middle of Outercourse, her autobiography.
Outercourse allows lovemaking to last longer, and couples are given the opportunity to soak in more of what the sexual experience is about.
Outercourse is perhaps a more pleasurable alternative to abstinence.
The 70-year-old radical feminist Mary Daly, author of such works as Outercourse, says she would rather quit teaching than admit men to her classes.
Some women opt for tubal ligation, abstinence, or "outercourse" as a means of birth control.
Outercourse and intercourse are also included in women's exultancy.
Examinations of virgins suggest that digital transmission and "outercourse" transmission are rare (outercourse is defined as any sexual activity except vaginal or anal intercourse).
Levine's answer to this: take away the deed of intercourse and advocate pleasure--the pleasure of "outercourse"--which I gather means informed petting.
(13) The project intervention sought to empower women to reduce sexual risk by presenting them with a variety of strategies, such as increased male or female condom use, refusal or avoidance of unsafe sex, engaging in "outercourse" instead of unprotected intercourse or mutual HIV testing.
Despite lots of talk about "outercourse" or forms of sexual pleasuring other than vaginal or anal intercourse, and despite claims that our concerns are with sexual health, we certainly don't think these are important enough to address in research.
Her books, including Gyn/Ecology ( 1990), Pure Lust: Elemental Feminist Philosophy and Outercourse, were increasingly radical.