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Managed care Assessment of a treatment's efficacy by considering its success as a care solution as well as its cost, side effects, and risk


End results of treatment or interventions.

Patient discussion about outcomes

Q. Which of the diseases are possible outcome of inactivity? what may be the good effect of activity and adverse effect of inactivity on the person’s health. Which of the diseases are possible outcome of inactivity?

A. being lazy affect every aspect and every system in our body. from the central nervous system to kidney and urinary system. obesity is caused most of the times due to laziness, and that leads to heart, musculo-skeletal problems and even cancer.

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Teaching and learning enhancement through outcome-based education structure and technology e-learning support.
The overarching aim of this review is to give a systematic overview of the literature on outcome-based education (OBE) as a performance-based approach for mastery learning and meet the prerequisites for accreditation standards locally and internationally.
Outcome-based education has been introduced by the MOHE at all Malaysian universities, and students are evaluated on two key aspects: achievement of MOHE learning outcomes and achievement of soft skills learning.
Outcome-based education and curriculum change: Advocacy, practice and critique.
Our district has made a concerted effort to involve many constituencies by (1) making ongoing, systematic contact with community organizations (the Ministerial Council, the Parent Advisory Council, the PTA Council, Kiwanis and Lions Club, and Senior Citizens); (2) developing school-community task forces in response to particular issues, such as outcome-based education, drug prevention and intervention, and student performance standards; and (3) sponsoring activities designed to benefit the community, such as a continuing education program and a Senior Citizens Appreciation Day, when the county and the school district treat 300 senior citizens to a holiday dinner and student performance.
Performance Tasks: As in outcome-based education, the tasks and performance requirements are publicly stated and clearly identified.
Some are good, and plans for increased academic excellence, total quality management, outcome-based education, site-based management, and others all have supporters and claims for effectiveness.
It's time to take a close look at outcome-based education.
Today, outcome-based education is a topic of intense interest and debate in educational circles.
With that scenario, how will the adoption of outcome-based education affect school libraries?
teacher empowerment site-based decision making school-based management shared decision making ungraded primary mentors/mentoring lead teachers paradigm restructuring school transformation national certification heterogeneous grouping cooperative learning authentic assessment performance assessment decentralization whole language outcome-based education interdisciplinary top down/bottom up rapporteur vision collaboration stakeholders school improvement team systemic process/product action research student portfolios total quality management
The site of this experiment is Hopkins Eisenhower Elementary School, where teachers and administrators work hand-in-hand with LPC to find out how technology can help the school district best implement its outcome-based education program.