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Mr Russell said any new facility would retain out-patient, diagnostics and physiotherapy in Morpeth.
Each authority will be required to target and reduce particular out-patient waiting list problems in their areas.
The idea is to apply the same sort of rigour to reducing out-patient waiting lists as has been successfully applied to in-patient waiting," said one official.
He noted that the artificial designation between in-patient care and out-patient care is a substantial barrier to integration of care across the continuum.
Plaid claim 76,400 people are waiting for out-patient care, compared to less than 6,000 in March 1997.
But the latest lists from the Assembly showed more people than ever are now waiting more than six months for out-patient treatment.
The number waiting more than six months for a first out-patient appointment rose by 2,798 to 71,350.
Under the agreement, Aetna members will be able to access Butler Memorial for all covered in-patient and out-patient services, including maternity and cardiovascular care; ambulatory surgery; out-patient cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation; and out-patient laboratory services.
Staff dealt with up to 5,000 calls from the public yesterday after the service went live to help people change, cancel and make out-patient appointments.
The county hospital's out-patient psychiatric nurses and technicians told supervisors Tuesday they want a $1.
The crisis emerged as the Government yesterday announced pounds 3 million was being given to West Midland hospitals to tackle out-patient waiting lists.
The 30-station, out-patient Center combines state-of-the-art computerized dialysis equipment and dialyzer with a thorough program of staff in-service education.