Ouchterlony, Orjan

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Orjan, Swedish bacteriologist, 1914–.
Ouchterlony immunodiffusion
Ouchterlony method - Synonym(s): Ouchterlony test
Ouchterlony technique - Synonym(s): Ouchterlony test
Ouchterlony test - double (gel) diffusion test in two dimensions. Synonym(s): Ouchterlony method; Ouchterlony technique
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For both organisms, Lancefield hot-acid extracts were prepared from the clinical isolates and tested in Ouchterlony immunodiffusion agar slides with appropriate control strains.
INOVA Diagnostics is a world-wide leader in manufacturing autoimmune diagnostic kits, and already markets successful lines to help diagnose all forms of autoimmune diseases using ELISA, immunofluorescent and Ouchterlony immunodiffusion techniques.