Orjan, 20th-century Swedish bacteriologist. See: Ouchterlony method, Ouchterlony technique, Ouchterlony test, Ouchterlony technique.
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As early as 1949, Orjan Ouchterlony used antibodies as reagents for immunodiffusion methods (26), but the major breakthrough was with the application of RIA, which was developed by Solomon Berson and Rosalyn Yalow and for which Yalow was awarded the Nobel Prize.
James Ouchterlony lines up today in the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships in Villabassa, Italy.
For both organisms, Lancefield hot-acid extracts were prepared from the clinical isolates and tested in Ouchterlony immunodiffusion agar slides with appropriate control strains.
Specific preinjury information known to contribute to postinjury morbidity should be obtained because, it is proposed, those patients with significant preinjury risk factors may benefit from more intensive rehabilitation (Ghaffar, McCullagh, Ouchterlony, & Feinstein, 2006).
The first is that the Empire was built and administered largely by men with names like Ouchterlony, Baird, MacDonald and Fraser, part of the Scottish tide that flowed into the colonies after the Act of Union.
INOVA Diagnostics is a world-wide leader in manufacturing autoimmune diagnostic kits, and already markets successful lines to help diagnose all forms of autoimmune diseases using ELISA, immunofluorescent and Ouchterlony immunodiffusion techniques.
Based on the same principle of antigen/antibody reaction, these methods differ in sensitivity with Oudin and Ouchterlony being the least sensitive and RIA the most sensitive.
By virtue of its large molecular size with multiple epitopes, Hcy is a potent immunogen as evidenced by the development of discrete crescentic arcs in Ouchterlony double immunodiffusion assay upon antibody challenge (Fig.
CYCLING: Arbroath's Commonwealth Games rider James Ouchterlony has been named in the Great Britain team for the World Mountain Bike Marathon Championships in Italy next month.
After we checked the antiviral titer by the Ouchterlony method, blood was collected from the vaccinated rabbits.