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one of Shakespeare's characters.
Othello syndrome - delusions of infidelity of one's sexual partner; onset usually in 4th decade of life; may be a feature of depressive psychosis, epilepsy, or alcoholism. Synonym(s): erotic jealousy
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In the U.S., the meanings of Othello and Shakespeare have been created through the language and practice of white supremacy.
Clinical and imaging features of Othello's syndrome.
The lecture, entitled Shakespearean Values: Othello in Time and Place -- will discuss whether Othello challenges or reinforces the values of Shakespearean society, or of our society, today.
I will track the latent reproductive anxieties underlying the sexual interracial phobias driving much of the psychological action in both Othello and Harlem Duet.
RAY FEARON AND RICHARD MCCABE, 1999 Ray Fearson became the first black actor to play Othello on the main RSC stage in more than 40 years in Michael Attenborough's production.
? Othello plays Birmingham Rep from November 12-15.
Michel had the roles of Othello, Roderigo and Cassio (when not sharing the stage with Othello).
This new Othello -- originally commissioned by Shakespeare's Globe Theater -- has been performed in England, South Korea and Chicago.
There's something of the slacker about Othello (Matthew Wade) in the early scenes, and the chemistry between him and Nicole Cooper's Desdemona is palpable.
(1.3.101-05) Othello, in self-defense, eloquently recounts his wooing by autobiographical storytelling and concludes ironically, "This only is the witchcraft I have used" (1.3.171).
AT the moment when Othello finally becomes fully convinced of Desdemona's infidelity, he cries out "0 blood, blood, blood." (1) Because early modern writers participate in a collective cultural attempt to stabilize existing categories of difference by attaching them to fixed biological characteristics, one might be tempted to understand the visceral and seemingly unsophisticated nature of this utterance as a sign of Othello's atavistic descent into murderous rage, his barbarous nature emerging from beneath his heroic self-presentation.
Prior to day-1 of our Othello production, I never thought I could act.