Ota nevus

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oc·u·lo·der·mal mel·a·no·sis

pigmentation of the sclera and skin around the eye, usually unilateral; seen especially in women of Asian descent.
Synonym(s): Ota nevus
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Ota nevus

[Mokutaro Kinoshita Ota, Japanese dramatist, poet, art historian, and dermatologist, 18845–1945]
Blue, gray, or black macular discoloration of the skin, typically above or just below the eyes. It may be congenital or appear in childhood or adolescence. Close follow-up of this lesion is needed because malignant melanoma may develop in it. See: mongolian spot
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Masao T., Japanese dermatopathologist, 1885-1945.
Ota nevus - pigmentation of the conjunctiva and skin around the eye, usually unilateral. Synonym(s): oculodermal melanocytosis; Ota syndrome
Ota syndrome - Synonym(s): Ota nevus
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