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Masao T., Japanese dermatopathologist, 1885-1945. See: Ota nevus.

occupational therapy assistant



One who works under the supervision of an occupational therapist to assist with patient or client assessment and intervention. The degree and scope of supervision required depend on practice statutes and the levels of competency of the assistant.
See: certified occupational therapy assistant
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Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Market Access Program (MAP), OTA has been investing in the promotion of American organic agricultural products in global markets and connecting buyers and sellers in order to reap a good return for organic and create new organic customers around the world.
Under this agreement the parties will collaborate to develop MIMO OTA methodologies for Carrier Aggregation MIMO OTA, 3D MIMO OTA testing, virtual drive MIMO OTA testing, MIMO OTA with multi-cell handover and interference, as well as device-to-device testing.
GTH and the FNI have entered into a shareholders agreement which governs their relationship as shareholders in OTA going forward.
OTA, a division of Vimpelcom, is Algeria s leading mobile service provider, and Alcatel-Lucent s 9500 MPR long-haul system will provide it with more than eight times the capacity in a third of the footprint of traditional systems.
Animal studies have shown that OTA is mostly absorbed by the small intestine.
Galaxy S3, HTC One X and One S owners are likely to receive OTA updates in the next couple of months, while US smartphone users may have to wait a little while longer.
After seeing the success of OTA in Dubai, we are now trying to replicate the same success story in Middle East," general manager Tareq Abu Hantash said.
possessing the gene for carboxypeptidase A have been implicated as the responsible organisms among rumen bacteria to degrade OTA (Upadhaya et al.
Calisma grubunda yer alan cocuklardan alinan serum or nekleri OTA duzeylerinin belirlenmesi icin RIDASCREEN OTA Enzim Immunoassay yontemi kullanildi.
According to Simon Hunt, CTO-Clients at Novarra, "Our data shows that beyond basic content rendering, it is speed, mobile usability features, OTA security and full desktop parity, across popular handsets that are critical for consumer adoption.
Certainly there are people who have tried to add ideas such as eating local produce to the original organic principles, but that's not really what organic food is about" says Barbara Haumann, an OTA spokesperson.