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Masao T., Japanese dermatopathologist, 1885-1945. See: Ota nevus.

occupational therapy assistant



One who works under the supervision of an occupational therapist to assist with patient or client assessment and intervention. The degree and scope of supervision required depend on practice statutes and the levels of competency of the assistant.
See: certified occupational therapy assistant
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Extraction of OTA from liquid media : OTA-spiked swine intestinal fluid samples or bacterial isolate cultures in liquid media were centrifuged at 13,000 rpm (Centrifuge 5415D Eppendorf) for 1 min.
Serum OTA duzeylerinden yola cikarak hesaplanan gunluk OTA alim duzeyleri de en dusuk, en yuksek ve ortanca degerleri ile birlikte Tablo 3'de verilmistir.
In addition to pursuing an ambitious Farm Bill plan for organic and watch dogging implementation of the new Canadian national standards, OTA is advancing measures to increase the domestic supply of raw materials, and to promote and market the certified organic label, particularly to consumers.
Coffee that is not dried quickly and sufficiently will be too wet, therefore, prone to fungal infection and risk OTA contamination.
Bush is really serious about showing its moderate, smart side, passing a bill reauthorizing the OTA would be a good place to start.
The entire library of OTA reports-all 750 or so, which span 23 years and run more than 100,000 pages-has just become available as a boxed set of five CD-ROMs from the Government Printing Office in Washington, D.
But, whatever the cause, the OTA, created at one end of the pendulum swing, fell at the other.
The OTA study confirms what ATLA has long said, that so-called defensive medicine is a large myth--both in its extent and cost," said ATLA President Larry Stewart.
Safety performance has also been good, reports OTA.
One reason for this problem is rising research costs, which are outpacing available Federal funds, the OTA says.
The seminar theme is How OTA Testing Secures Quality of Experience.