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Friedrich Wilhelm, German physical chemist and Nobel laureate, 1853-1932. See: Ostwald solubility coefficient.
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If we think it must, we will miss the religious dynamic operative in a scientist such as Ostwald.
Mr Ostwald and Miss Hingley also battled extreme heat and severe saddle sores during the trek and encountered crocodiles, snakes and wild pigs.
BACK FROM THE OUTBACK: Anna Hingley rides into Cairns with 'Croc' John Ostwald
Peter Ostwald, a practicing psychiatrist from San Francisco, and Dr.
There is no doubt that author Andy Ostwald is an experienced and effective teacher.
Keywords: Miniemulsion, Ostwald ripening, enhanced nucelation, hybrid latexes, encapsulation, droplet and particle size distributions, reaction kinetics, reaction mechanisms
Ostwald, a psychiatry professor at the University of California at San Francisco, dealt in this book with the mostly undocumented years of Nijinsky's illness.
At the request of Nijinsky's children, Peter Ostwald, a professor of psychiatry, used the great dancer's notebooks (recently published in full for the first time) to tell the sad story of Nijinsky's decline into insanity.
Another milestone in the development of catalysis was the synthesis of nitric acid by catalytic oxidation of ammonia, achieved by Ostwald in 1901.
Articles such as those by Dodd, Nelson, Ostwald, and Fisher (1991) and Wright (1988) highlight the growing cultural diversity among those accessing rehabilitation services.