Ostrum-Furst syndrome

Os·trum-·Furst syn·drome

(os'trŭm fŭrst),
congenital synostosis of the neck.

Klippel-Feil syndrome

A condition (OMIM:214300) characterised by short neck, low hairline and decreased cervical motion.
Associated conditions
Congenital scoliosis (60%, most need treatment); Sprengel's deformity (failure of scapula to descend, remains attached to cervical spine by omovertebral bone or fibrous band) (33%); renal disease, often with aplasia (33%); synkinesis (mirror movements); congenital heart disease; brain stem defects; congenital cervical stenosis; syndactyly and hypoplastic thumb; hearing loss (30%).

Klippel-Feil syndrome is characterised by congenital failure of normal segmentation of cervical somites at 3–8 weeks's gestation, resulting in two or more fused cervical segments.


Herman William, U.S. physician, 1893–.
Ostrum-Furst syndrome - congenital tribasilar synostosis.
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