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auditory ossicles

The 3 diminutive bones of the middle ear. The malleus is attached to the inner face of the tympanic membrane at the manubrium and articulates at its head with the body of the incus; the incus in turn articulates at its lenticular process with the head of the stapes; the stapes is attached at its base by a ligamentous ring to the oval window of the vestibule. Sound waves channelled though the external acoustic canal (auditory duct) to the tympanic membrane are amplified by the auditory ossicles.

The vibrations received at the oval window are passed down the cochlea; the relative movement of the basilar and tectorial membranes leads to deflection of the stereocilia of the hair cells in the organ of Corti, which generates an influx of K+ ions and production of electrical signals that travel via the cochlear nerve to the auditory complex.


The three small bones of the middle ear: the malleus (hammer), the incus (anvil) and the stapes (stirrup). These bones help carry sound from the eardrum to the inner ear.
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Herein we propose the term microichthyology for a branch of ichthyology consisting in the study of the microscopic ossicles of recent fishes for the purpose of using the data in fish taxonomy, systematics, phylogeny, trophic analyses, migrations, biogeographical reconstructions, etc.
The related anatomic structures were extracted by this software, and the cochlear, FN, ChT; the auditory ossicles were formed as the 3D models.
The current investigators think it is undesirable to reserve the term "os tibiale externum" only for a Type I ossicle.
More importantly, even if open surgery in combination with ossicular chain reconstruction can basically be comparable to canal wall up mastoidectomy due to the application of artificial ossicles and the advance in surgical techniques, with low risks of recurrence also.
The plain film showed the presence of an accessory ossicle in the lateral aspect of the midfoot, located in the path of the peroneal tendons with cortical discontinuity, fragmentation, irregular margins, and heterogeneous density.
The present SEM study was undertaken to assess the potential usefulness of ossicles of pleuronectiforms for distinguishing among the taxa and for identifying characters of value in systematic and phylogenetic research.
Vibrations of the tympanic membrane are transmitted along these ossicles to the oval window.
Recognized causes of sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) after a tympanoplasty with or without a mastoidectomy are acoustic trauma from manipulation of the ossicles, the noise generated by suctioning and, in the case of mastoidectomy, the noise generated by temporal bone drilling.
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Potential complications considered minor include enlargement of the tibial tubercle, ununited ossicles in the patellar tendon, and avulsion of the tibial tubercle (rare).
14) Accessory ossicles tend to be rounded with a well corticated margin, while fracture fragments may be irregular and demonstrate jagged edges.