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Regardless excellent material properties of titanium dental implants and ability to osseointegrate, titanium dental implants lack aesthetics.
Zirconia dental implants are inert and also are has ability to osseointegrate.
You might question how this is possible when the implants need to be left to heal and osseointegrate.
14 The ARA procedure as considered to show an increase in bone activity which is an important factor for the remodelling process and for the formation of bone sufficient enough to osseointegrate to the implant surface, SR is known to reduce osteoclastic activity and induce osteoblastic activity, which eventually interrupts the natural process of bone remodelling.
The last two unplanned interventions were to (1) remove excess granulation tissue that formed at the stoma and (2) reimplant the design C device in a patient who underwent primary implantation by a different surgeon, which failed to osseointegrate.
Biocompatible with human bone, the titanium implant, often called a "fixture," has the capability to osseointegrate if all biological factors are positive and the patient has the ability to heal successfully.
Zirconia implants osseointegrate as well as titanium ones.
It does not osseointegrate and staff handling PMMA is exposed to toxic fumes during mixture.
64,65) This rate is slightly higher than that for dental implants and can be attributed to the fact that the orthodontic mini-implant is not designed to osseointegrate.
One challenge with the use of natural biological skeletal fixation is allowing the bone to heal and osseointegrate with the implant surface, thereby attaining a strong skeletal interlock, a prerequisite for long-term implant function and stability [14-15].