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, osmole (oz'mol?, os')
The standard unit of osmotic pressure based on a one molal concentration of an ion in a solution. osmolal (oz-mo'lal), adjective

idiogenic osmole

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Review of literature has suggested that the osmolal gap can be increased in patients with ethanol-induced acidosis without the presence of other alcohols, [10] presumably owing to the presence of acetone, which is produced by ethanol metabolism and by starvation .[11-13] The contribution of ethanol to the serum osmolality can be obtained by the formula "ethanol (mg/dL)/3.7, [8,14] which, in the present case, was 78/3.7 = 21.08 mOsm/kg of [H.sub.2]O.
Contrast was subdivided on the basis of ionicity into ionic and nonionic; osmolarity into high osmolal contrast media (HOCM) and low osmolal contrast media (LOCM); structure into monomer and dimer.
(2) In addition to screening tests for toxins, calculation of the osmolal gap (OG) as osmolality - (2[Na+] + [urea] + [glucose]), may be helpful as an indicator of intoxication.
Anion and osmolal gaps in the diagnosis of methanol poisoning: clinical study in 28 patients.
Dessa forma, a avaliacao do hiato osmolal e uma forma de avaliar a concentracao de solutos osmoticamente ativos no sangue ([Na.sup.+], [K.sup.+], glicose e nitrogenio ureico sanguineo (BUN)) (MEYER et al., 1995; RADOSTITS et al., 2007; KANEKO et al., 2008).
Ethylene glycol poisoning with a normal anion gap caused by concurrent ethanol ingestion: Importance of the osmolal gap.
Both dehydration and rehydration impose mechanical Equilibration with ice at about -20 [degrees]C or with an atmosphere of about 80% relative humidity requires that a cellular interior have a composition of about 10 osmolal. Osmolal means roughly 'osmotically effective moles of solute per kg of water'.
Laboratory testing and diagnosis of methanol and ethylene glycol are based on the presence of a high anion gap metabolic acidosis, presence of a serum osmolal gap (a difference between measured osmolality and calculated osmolality [greater than or equal to] 10), and measuring the levels of the toxic alcohols which is used for confirmation (typically these tests are not time sensitive, and treatment should not be withheld in any patient suspected of having toxic alcohol ingestion).
A 61-year-old man presented with an increased anion-gap metabolic acidosis, an increased serum osmolal gap, and a negative result in an alcohol screen.
The serum osmolal gap (75 mOsm/kg) was calculated as follows: Osmolal gap = freezing-point depression osmometer value --(2 X [[Na.sup.+]] + [glucose]/18 + [blood urea nitrogen]/2.8 + [ethanol]/4.6), where the [Na.sup.+] concentration is in millimoles per liter and the glucose, blood urea nitrogen, and ethanol concentrations are in milligrams per deciliter.