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osmol, osmolal

See osmole.


, osmole (oz'mol?, os')
The standard unit of osmotic pressure based on a one molal concentration of an ion in a solution. osmolal (oz-mo'lal), adjective

idiogenic osmole

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DI versus SIADH: Values or changes in selected laboratory tests [1] Test DI Serum sodium [greater than] 145 mmol/L Plasma osmolality [greater than] 295 mm/L [3] Urine osmolality [less than] 300 mmol/L 300-800 mmol/L [4] U/P osmol ratio [less than] 1 Urine output [greater than] 2.
Discrepancies in osmol gap and calculated alcohol concentrations.
Derivation and validation of a formula to calculate the contribution of ethanol to the osmol gap.