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William, Canadian physician in U.S. and England, 1849-1919. See: Osler disease, Osler node, Osler sign, Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome.
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Indeed, Osler is best remembered by the world for the "humanism" he brought to the field of medicine.
Osler is talking about imperturbability--the first cousin of Hemingway's definition of guts: grace under pressure.
While the OSLER findings are highly encouraging in terms of both efficacy and safety, the study was too small and too brief at 1 year to be considered definitive, especially in terms of cardiovascular event rates, of which there were only 60 in total.
William Osler (1849-1919) nacio en la region rural de Ontario, Canada, hijo de un clerigo anglicano.
The portrait was painted in Paris while Osler was on a sabbatical in December 1908 (10).
I would rank him up there with the quiet heroes of the civil-rights movement of the '60s, as a person who's taken his values of faith and applied them to progressive ideals," says Chet Edwards, a former Democratic congressman from Texas, whom Osler lobbied but didn't always win over.
The Osler collection documents the evolution of scientific thought and medical history from the sixth century BCE to the end of the nineteenth century and has long been regarded as one of the great history-of-medicine collections in the world.
Osler comenzo estudios de teologia y estuvo a punto de entrar al clero, pero influenciado por las ideas de Darwin y Huxley abandono sus estudios despues de un ano (4).
Heavily-tattooed Osler left her for dead in the street then turned the gun on himself.
In addition, to succeed Bachabi in Africa, the company has appointed Jon Osler as managing director of its Africa Sales team.
ProArt Gallery, which features renowned paintings and separate sections for collectables Osler crystal chandeliers, has opened its doors in Palm Strip Shopping Mall, a part of Dubai Investment Properties (DIP).
Residents said the dead man was unemployed divorcee Mark Osler - known by friends as "Ossie" - and the injured woman 40-year-old Rachel Puttock.