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William, Canadian physician in U.S. and England, 1849-1919. See: Osler disease, Osler node, Osler sign, Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome.
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In 2003, Osler received a call out of the blue from Graham Boyd, who was then director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Drug Law Reform Project.
Osler litigators have extensive experience representing public and private clients of all sizes in corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions and securities matters before the courts and provincial securities commissions.
For over a century Osler has been subject to a cult among medical practitioners who, as students, are introduced to Osler's inspirational essays published in Aequanimitas: With Other Addresses to Medical Students, Nurses and Practitianers of Medicine.
Police said investigations were under way to establish how Mr Osler had a gun.
Dr Osler had a patient in the Montreal General Hospital, with Addison's disease.
Ms Robbins and Mr Osler have no immediate plans to give up their day jobs.
But, to the anger of local families in Ladywood and Edgbaston, the scheme also includes turning Osler Street Park over to residential developers.
In a textbook for a first course in criminal law, Osler diverges from the conventional model in several ways--for example dropping common law crimes and relying on the US federal code and case law rather than jumping between jurisdictions.
In a video plea to save Osler House surgery in Harlow, Essex, she said: "This has always been our surgery and I feel they've sold us out.
Villafuerte said he has evidence to prove that Everchance President Osler Luis Canlas is merely working as the dummy of Pineda.