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Robert B., U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1873-1956. See: Osgood-Schlatter disease.
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assuredly not," returned the gentleman, recognizing the face of an acquaintance, with an animation he could not conceal: "but how inadvertent I have been, not to have noticed Miss Osgood before!"--While speaking, his eyes rested on the lovely countenance of her friend, as if, by their direction, he meant to explain the reason of his remissness.
Whenever she did speak, however, the gentleman listened with the most flattering attention, that was the more remarkable, from the circumstance of his talking frequently at the same time with Maria Osgood. The trio took a long walk together, and returned to the house of Mr.
Maria Osgood was a distant relative, and an early associate, who, although as different from her cousin in appearance and character as black is from white, was still dear to the latter, both from habit and her unconquerable good nature.
"Much better, and in extremely good quarters," said George; but, turning quickly to Miss Osgood, he added, "So, Miss Maria, your beau has condescended to walk with you at last?"
His goodness of heart and simplicity of manners made him an universal favourite; while the peculiarity of their situation brought him oftener before the notice of Charlotte than any other young man of her acquaintance.--But, notwithstanding the intimation of Maria Osgood, none of their friends in the least suspected any other feeling to exist between the youthful pair than the natural and very obvious one of disinterested esteem.
Osgood's table-linen was finished, and Silas was paid in gold.
Osgood's table-linen sooner than she expected-- without contemplating beforehand the money she would put into his hand for the work.
Osgood's artwork is held in the permanent collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York, The Chicago Art Institute, The Library of Congress, The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The Boston Museum of Fine Art, The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Denver Art Museum, The New York Public Library and The Philadelphia Museum of Fine Art.
Clerk of the course Richard Osgood took the decision to call off the seven-race card, due to commence at 2pm, after 30 millimetres of overnight rain fell at the Berkshire venue.
It's a prospect that worries San Diego trio Dale Dubach, Chaz Weathers, and John Osgood. They hope their relationship and others like it--gay or straight--won't be used by same-sex marriage opponents to cloud the issue.
Intercon Solutions Director of Corporate Recycling Timothy Osgood says, "We understand that donations, reuse and refurbishing are forms of recycling; however, none of these can guarantee that the latter users/owners will be environmentally responsible." He adds, "One break in any part of the environmental responsibility chain can lead to potential liability somewhere down the road, be it from an asset tag ending up in a landfill, data being compromised on a hard drive or lost profits from someone else selling your product for a discount on the secondary market."
The recent death of Peter Osgood is significant for an assessment of the current English game as much as an excuse to indulge in rheumy-eyed nostalgia for a great entertainer.