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Robert B., U.S. orthopedic surgeon, 1873-1956. See: Osgood-Schlatter disease.
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assuredly not," returned the gentleman, recognizing the face of an acquaintance, with an animation he could not conceal: "but how inadvertent I have been, not to have noticed Miss Osgood before
Whenever she did speak, however, the gentleman listened with the most flattering attention, that was the more remarkable, from the circumstance of his talking frequently at the same time with Maria Osgood.
Maria Osgood was a distant relative, and an early associate, who, although as different from her cousin in appearance and character as black is from white, was still dear to the latter, both from habit and her unconquerable good nature.
But, notwithstanding the intimation of Maria Osgood, none of their friends in the least suspected any other feeling to exist between the youthful pair than the natural and very obvious one of disinterested esteem.
Much better, and in extremely good quarters," said George; but, turning quickly to Miss Osgood, he added, "So, Miss Maria, your beau has condescended to walk with you at last?
Clerk of the course Richard Osgood yesterday gave the hurdles course as soft, heavy in places, while the chase track is good to soft, soft in places.
com)-- PrivatePlus Mortgage has entered into a partnership with Westwood One, owned and operated by Cumulus Media, which will add the voice of broadcasting icon Charles Osgood to the national mortgage organization's ads beginning August 11.
But this time he had Clara (Jenna Coleman) and Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) with him, along with an Osgood lookalike.
DOCTOR Who character Osgood is making a comeback - despite being killed off in the last series.
Osgood as an independent member to its Board of Directors.
Bill Osgood, to discuss online and offline tools to train aspiring entrepreneurs and pair them up--tlarough the Internet--with a mentor in New Hampshire.
Besides having a pervasive influence over Colorado politics, Osgood played a central role in the struggle against the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA).