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Samuel T., U.S. neurologist, 1879-1975. See: Wolf-Orton bodies.
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Mr West said Gales was the "gobby one", Davidson the quiet one while Orton - recruited for his driving licence - hired the van.
8195;Buf -- Smith 1 pass from Orton (Carpenter kick), 4:36.
The Wrestling Observer newsletter also reported that Orton will appear only on the first week of November and will only be featured in main matches with Dean Ambrose.
Coventry City non-executive director Mark Labovitch had initially suggested the club would discuss the deal with KCIC - but Mr Orton said his attempts to arrange a date to meet were rebued.
8221; His father is WWE Hall of Famer “Cowboy” Bob Orton, his uncle Barry “Barry O” Orton and his grandfather, the late “The Big O,” Bob Orton Sr.
The Foreign Office has confirmed that it is providing assistance to Ms Orton.
Orton also threatened to petrol bomb the home of a local sheriff after he heard a case against him.
The controversy intensified in September, according to Orton, when several FOC members began using the channel as a forum to talk about "everything imaginable.
The Orton brothers, Cabot, Gardner, & Eliot, 3rd generation proprietors of The Vermont Country Store, announced today that Chris Vickers has been promoted to President and Chief Executive Officer.
Buf -- Woods 7 pass from Orton (Carpenter kick), 3:52.
Just like CM Punk before him, Randy Orton is on the verge of losing his patience with Vince McMahon and the show runners of WWE.
Gary Stretch, 47, of Riseholme, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, was found guilty at Cambridge Crown Court of three charges of preventing the lawful burial of three men and one count of attempted murder.