Ortolani sign

Or·to·la·ni sign

(ōr-tō-lah'nē sīn)
A palpable and audible click elicited by adduction and abduction of the infant femur in congenital hip dislocation.
[Marius Ortolani, 1904-1987, Italian orthopedist]
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Marius, 20th century Italian orthopedic surgeon.
Ortolani click
Ortolani maneuver
Ortolani sign
Ortolani test - test for congenital hip dislocation.
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The inclusion criteria were: age between 6 and 12 months, positive for HD as confirmed by pain at hip extension and positive Ortolani sign, and also radiographic findings of coxofemoral subluxation without advanced degenerative joint disease (as periarticular osteophytes or changes in the femoral head contour).
All dogs displayed positive Ortolani sign prior and after surgery.
A positive Ortolani sign is described as the palpable and sometimes audible 'clunk' as the dislocated femoral head moves over the posterior rim of the acetabulum and relocates.
Physical examination might reveal signs of crepitation in case of osteoarthritis or fracture, increased laxity 'Ortolani signs' indicative of hip dysplasia and limb shortening in case of luxation.