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Marius, 20th-century Italian orthopaedic surgeon. See: Ortolani maneuver, Ortolani test.
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Zelenskiy a mandate to 'clean up' the political class," said Agnese Ortolani of the Economist Intelligence Unit.
His campaign blurred the line between reality and his TV series, in which he plays an honest history teacher who accidentally becomes president."He embodies the perceived need for 'new faces' in politics and could sway the young, pro-reform electorate to his side," said Economist Intelligence Unit analyst Agnese Ortolani.
Al Ortolani, On the Chicopee Spur, NYQ Books, 2018.
Sara Ortolani from Italy will run the Natural and Human Distoration workshop on August 18 from 12pm until 3pm.
The inclusion criteria were: age between 6 and 12 months, positive for HD as confirmed by pain at hip extension and positive Ortolani sign, and also radiographic findings of coxofemoral subluxation without advanced degenerative joint disease (as periarticular osteophytes or changes in the femoral head contour).
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Abnormal clinical examination (positive Barlow and/or Ortolani tests, limited abduction, and asymmetrical skin folds) determines the need of further investigation [10].
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In his letters to Marta Abba of April 28 and June 28, 1929, Pirandello complains of the poor quality of Feist's translation, indulges in systematic slandering, and repeatedly compares him to "un'anguilla che non si lascia prendere e sguscia dalle mani" [an eel that does not allow itself to be caught and wiggles out of one's hands] (Pirandello and Ortolani, 1995: 161,212).
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A fourth contribution (Ortolani et al.) deepens understanding of the functionality of green space as food provisioning system by analysing how citizens integrate sustainable agriculture in an urban context.
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