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Obsessiveness about the quality of the food being ingested, ensuring that it is the most healthy, the most organic, etc.
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The term orthorexia nervosa was coined in the 1990s by the then alternative medicine practitioner Steven Bratman, a San Francisco-based physician.
Orthorexia Nervosa in the General Population: A Preliminary Screening Using a Self-Administered Questionnaire (ORTO-15).
The precise prevalence of orthorexia nervosa is unknown; some authors have reported estimates as high as 21% of the general population (2) and 43.
Orthorexia nervosa behavior in a sample of Brazilian dietitians assessed by the Portuguese version of ORTO-15.
Bratman, himself, once fell victim to orthorexia nervosa.
Holistic physician Steven Bratman coined the term orthorexia nervosa more than a decade ago.
DrAlex Yellowlees, medical director of the Priory Hospital in Glasgow, said orthorexics have a fastidious preoccupation with the purity of their food which has led to them being given their own eating disorder category: orthorexia nervosa.
But as you gorge on yet another plate of pie and chips washed down with a fizzy drink, don't despair - at least you're not suffering from orthorexia nervosa.
But as you gorge on yet another burger-and-fries meal don't despair - at least you're not suffering from Orthorexia Nervosa.
Orthorexia nervosa is a new concept, described by the doctor Steven Bratman, in 1997.
Orthorexia nervosa - This is not necessarily anorexia but people with this disorder are obsessed with what they eat, a slang term being 'healthfood junkies.
Orthorexia nervosa, a term coined by American physician Dr Steven Bratman , author of the book Health Food Junkies, refers to an unhealthy fixation with the health value and purity of food.