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mechanical correction of deformities.


/or·tho·prax·is/ (or″tho-prak´sis) orthopraxy.


(or″thō-prăk′sĭs) [″ + prassein, to make]
The mechanical correction of deformities.

orthopraxy, orthopraxis

mechanical correction of deformities.
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Over time, are we trying to become Orthodox or Orthoprax lite?
Orthoprax and orthodox Jains cannot accept this food, and so it is either passed on in the form of salary (not dan) to the non-Jain temple servants, or else sold in the market to non-Jains.
Sikh fundamentalism is orthoprax rather than orthodox and this Madan declares to be generally true of the teachings of Bhindranwale.
However, for me--an Orthoprax Jew, who sees and values the importance of Christian-Jewish dialogue--much of the information offered is cross-disciplinary Christianity that flows osmotically from the New Testament to the Hebrew Scriptures and back to the New Testament, giving the impression that the Scriptures of Jews and Christians are reciprocally closed and dependent.