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A radiographic process that takes into account the jawline; by doing so, teeth in proximity of tissues can be readily visualized.
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The dosage received from a bimaxillary Cone-beam CT scan is approximately equivalent to a full-mouth periapical series or 3-10 standard orthopantomograms [MacLeod and Heath, 2008].
Orthopantomogram and periapical radiographs revealed agenesis of 7 permanent maxillary teeth: 15, 13, 12, 11, 21, 23, and 25 (Fig.
These included clinical photographs and an orthopantomogram.
Kumar and co-workers, [2008] have proposed a classification of oral injuries caused by toothbrush damage, as noted by orthopantomograms (OPT).
Orthopantomograms (OPGs) of children aged 5-14 years, which were exposed for screening and orthodontic purposes were employed for study.
The Reliability of Orthopantomograms in Determining the Stage of Resorption of Deciduous Teeth.