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orthodontic (ôr´thədän´tik),

adj pertaining to the orthopedic correction of abnormal dental relationships, including related abnormalities in facial structures.
orthodontic appliances,
n.pl See appliance.
orthodontic appliances, functional,
orthodontic appliances, removable,
orthodontic bracket,
n See bracket.
orthodontic retainer,
orthodontic toothbrush,
n See bi-level orthodontic toothbrush.
orthodontic wire,
n See wire.


pertaining to orthodontia.

orthodontic applicance
intraoral devices used to carry out orthodontic procedures, e.g. to correct abnormalities of occlusion; may be fixed or removable.
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By virtue of such wide spectrum of intended properties, it enjoys varied applications in day to day dentistry like: endodontic posts, periodontal splints, aesthetic space maintainers ,bondable briges and single bridges and orthodontic retainers.
Orthodontic retainers and removable appliances; principles of design and use.
Orthodontic retainers that are not properly cleaned could be harboring microbes, according to a study published March 15 in Letters in Applied Microbiology.
Oral appliances are plastic orthodontic retainers that prevent the tongue and soft tissues in the back of the throat from collapsing, allowing the airways to remain open during sleep and promoting adequate air intake.
Table 4: Top 20 Countries with the Highest HealthcareSpending as a Percentage of GDP (2012) (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) II-6Traditional Orthodontic Treatments & Procedures Pave Way forAlternatives II-7Teenagers: A Major Customer Category for Orthodontic Products II-7Wires and Brackets: Leading Product Types II-7Select Orthodontic Wires in the Market - A Comparison II-8Select Orthodontic Brackets in the Market - A Comparison II-10Select Orthodontic Retainers in the Market - A Comparison II-12Increasing Opportunities in Aesthetic Orthodontics II-13Improving Aesthetic Appeal with Removable Appliances II-14Rising Popularity of Aesthetic Braces II-14Aesthetics Gain Significance in Archwires Too
Poulsen said, noting that it is not known how many Olympic athletes wear braces or use orthodontic retainers or appliances.
Pro"), a manufacturer of orthodontic retainers and positioners.

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