Orphan Data

Informatics Electronic files—e.g., personal items including pictures, emails, word processed files and so on, which belong to a user who no longer works on that particular PC
Medspeak Any data regarded as peripheral to the clinical decision-making process, which appears to add no information relevant to the differential diagnosis or treatment of the condition of interest
Social medicine Data about orphans, including raw and processed (analysed) data
Trials Data collected during a study which proves to have no value in assessing a particular intervention’s effect and thus not included in the trial’s final reports
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NCE data exclusivity is generally not considered to be a constraint to generic competition as it has expired, however in the US, Lilly was awarded seven years of orphan data exclusivity.
He describes the tools necessary to discuss such orphan data as gauge coupling unification, small neutrino masses, relatively light Higgs, and a universe with a density close to the critical density.