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region of Peru where disease was first discovered.
Oroya fever - Synonym(s): Carrión disease
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Louis University School of Public Health, which found that most of the children in the neighborhood nearest the La Oroya smelter had high levels of lead, cadmium and other metals in their blood.
Ellie Stock was a Presbyterian minister whose church had a mission in La Oroya.
We look forward to continuing to work to improve the health and environment in the La Oroya community.
The Buninyong and Oroya petitioners claimed that the duration of detention for the Buninyong passengers was significantly lengthened by the introduction into their isolation area of healthy contacts from the infected vessel Oroya.
I make a day trip to the ONPE office in La Oroya, capital of ore-rich Yauli Province, with 232 tables in thirteen voting centers.
5 billion Toromocho copper mine, El Brocal's $456 million expansion of its Colquijirca concentrator plant, new zinc-silver mines being started up by Volcan and refined zinc and lead from the former Doe Run Peru smelter in La Oroya, all in the central Andes, said Ricardo Trovarelli, head of Trafigura's Impala Terminals unit.
Since mid 2009, concentrate shipments from the Yauliyacu mine have been affected by the shut-down of the Doe Run Peru La Oroya smelter, the largest buyer of the bulk concentrate produced at the mine.
Carrion's experiment showed that 2 strikingly different diseases endemic to Peru, verruga peruana and Oroya fever, are etiologically related to each other.
In two of those, the residents, organizations, and authorities of La Oroya, Yauli province, Junín department, are demanding that the Doe Run Company comply with the environmental agreement Programa de Adecuación y Manejo Ambiental (PAMA), while inhabitants of Reque, Chiclayo province, Lambayeque department, oppose mining company La Granja-Río Tinto's installation of a metallurgy-research plant for fear of its environmental impact.
Strung out along a narrow valley high in the Andes Mountains, the town of La Oroya is one of the most polluted places in the world.
An exciting new launch from the company in Spring 2005 was Oroya Sushi Wine.
The concession includes lines that will connect the mining and agricultural centers of Oroya, Carhuamayo, Paragsha and Antamina as well as a line to connect the isolated system of Pucallpa, supplied by obsolete diesel generators to the main grid by way of the Aguaytia gas-fired power station.