orotracheal intubation

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or·o·tra·che·al in·tu·ba·tion

tracheal intubation through the mouth.
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No airway difficulty was observed during post-transplant surgeries, and orotracheal intubation was performed.
In cases of contraindication to direct Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences assessment, such as in orotracheal intubation, commonly found in patients in the ICU, the signaling plates were inserted immediately after the screening.
Characteristics of the nurses who participated in simulated orotracheal intubation Characteristics Detail n % Gender Male 7 20.0 Female 28 80.0 Age [less than or equal to] 6 17.1 30 years 31-40 years 22 62.9 41-50 years 7 20.0 Years of experience [less than or equal to] 5 17 48.6 6-10 15 42.9 11-15 1 2.9 16-20 2 5.7
I proceeded to orotracheal intubation with fiberoptic laryngoscopy and a spiral-wound tube (Ruschelit Tracheal Tube, 5.5 mm ID) with an obtuse-angled tip (Figure 3).
After orotracheal intubation, patient presented cardiorespiratory arrest that recovered spontaneous circulation after 6 minutes of advance life support.
In severe cases with airways involvement, orotracheal intubation and tracheotomy are indicated.
Vocal cord paralysis following thyroidectomy can result from a vocal cord hematoma with an incidence of 1.4%, due to direct injury during orotracheal intubation (incidence: 4.5%)(4, 5).
Video Laryngoscopy vs Direct Laryngoscopy on Successful First-Pass Orotracheal Intubation Among ICU Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
After sedation and curarization, orotracheal intubation was performed on him.