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A gene on chromosome 5q32 that encodes arylsulfatase I, which displays arylsulfatase activity at neutral pH when co-expressed with SUMF1. It is expressed in placenta, embryonic stem cell and in foetal eyes and lens.


Abbreviation for addiction severity index.


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In the same context, Raed highlighted that the study for the development project of the upper parts of the Orontes River network has been accomplished, which will allow shifting to modern irrigation methods over an area of 10,000 hectares, accordingly reflecting positively on the agricultural production, in addition to saving 40 % of water currently used in irrigation.
He mentioned that "there's a flaw in the agreement which stipulates how the Orontes River is to be shared between the two countries," according to AN NAHAR.
A mere 6 kilometers of flat unpopulated stony terrain separates the Hezbollah-dominated Hermel area, bordered to the east by the Orontes river, from the mainly Sunni Masharih al-Q district where opposition rebels can be found.
The Centre is also working on the employment of molecular biology techniques to find out wild plants resistant to diseases that affect trees, raise the efficiency of buffalo reproductive, find new fish species in the Orontes basin and protecting endangered species.
Originally the Orontes, the river is now called Asi (Rebel) in both Turkish and Arabic because it flows from the south to the north unlike the rest of the rivers in the region.
Summary: While not native to Lebanon, or the region, freshwater rainbow trout can be found in abundance at the headwaters of the Orontes river, in the Bekaa Valley.
During a weekly Cabinet meeting, Otri noted that the dam, the cornerstone of which was laid on Sunday, will serve to avert the threat of floods, provide irrigation to 10,000 hectares on both banks of the Orontes River, generate electricity, boost tourist activities and provide job opportunities.
The only border marking is the Saqiet Matraba stream, an offshoot of the Orontes River.
The Premier would participate in laying the foundation stone for the Friendship Dam project on the Orontes River.
From the Nahr al-Kabir River on the Mediterranean and Wadi Khaled and Jisr al-Qamar in the north, to the Orontes River in the northeast and south to Marjayoun, there are more than 36 points of dispute between Lebanon and Syria, and the decades of failure to demarcate the border have led to the blending of dozens of Syrian and Lebanese villages.
Idleb, Northern Syria, (SANA)- Prime Minister Mohammad Naji Otri and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday laid the cornerstone of the "Friendship Dam" on the Orontes River between al-Allani village in Idleb province on the river's right bank and the Turkish village of Ziyaret on the left bank.
After the decision, they contacted others by mobile phone, telling them "the protest will be begin at midnight on the Orontes River bridge.